Jerome Draper
Wine Merchant

(415) 454-5601

Jerome Draper has been active in many wine related fields for over 67 years – vineyards in the Napa Valley, Draper & Esquin, Wine Distributors, Wine Imports, Ltd, Chestnut Hill and now Jerome Draper Wine Merchant. He has a store in San Anslemo, California (Marin County), and meets customers there seven days a week, by appointment only.

Jerome keeps in touch with the 10,000 customers on his mailing list and can deliver wine to any place in California and to a number of other states. 40% of his sales come via the internet, 50% by telephone and 10% from those he meets at his store.

The market has changed dramatically in the past few years – the number of wineries has increased, prices have become quite reasonable, and heavy discounts are often available. When Jerome buys a given wine at a discount, he always passes on the savings to his customers.

Jerome tastes every wine before and during dinner, and only selects those that he likes, and thinks that you will like. He can’t taste them all, of course, so if someone wants a specific wine, tell him and he will get it for you.

He loves this business, and even though he'll be 93 this year, he has no plans to retire.

Thank you for your business.


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